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Experienced And Proven Divorce Litigators

More than 10% of Connecticut’s residents have gone through a divorce, known in the state as dissolution of marriage. Our Westport divorce attorneys at MeehanLaw, LLC, advocate for clients at every stage of dissolution, from initial filing to negotiating settlements, seeking mediation or trying cases in court. Since 1961, our dedicated team has protected the rights of husbands and wives in disputes over:

  • Alimony: A court can order one spouse to pay temporary support during the divorce and long-term support once the divorce settlement is complete.
  • Distribution of property: Unless a couple can agree on division of assets and debts, a judge will divide them equitably.
  • Child custody and visitation: We try to establish child custody and visitation terms that give both parents frequent, meaningful contact with their children.
  • Child support: Our team argues for support orders and modifications that are fair and attainable for our clients.

We also represent clients in proceedings to modify or enforce alimony, support or custody orders. In all these matters, we give clients personalized counsel geared toward securing proper outcomes while easing worry and stress.

What Are My Divorce Or Separation Options?

Connecticut offers a variety of legal paths for couples to end their marriages:

  • Fault vs. no-fault dissolution: The most common reason for divorce is the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. Fault-based divorce still exists but is rare.
  • Uncontested vs. contested divorce: In an uncontested divorce, spouses reach compromises on the asset division, parenting schedules and other matters. When alternatives fail, the divorce is considered contested and goes to court.
  • Legal separation: Some couples choose to remain married but legally separated, often to maintain financial advantages such as tax breaks and insurance benefits.

Dissolution of a marriage can take four months or longer. Throughout the process, we answer your questions and support you need so that you can negotiate from a position of strength, avoiding pitfalls that can lengthen the litigation.

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