Helping You When Electronic Crime Affects Your Life

The prevalence of technology in our everyday lives means that electronic crimes are more common than ever. At MeehanLaw, LLC, founded in 1961, we work with clients who have been accused of committing an electronic crime. With a practice that focuses on criminal law and family law, we are also well-suited to help clients who are going through a divorce or custody dispute and whose former partner has committed cybercrime against them.

Electronic Crime: What To Know

Because we help clients on both sides of cybercrime cases, we understand these cases inside and out. Some of the most common electronic crimes that we handle include:

    • Cyberstalking a spouse or partner
    • Illegal recording of spouses or partners
    • Destroying electronic evidence
    • Online harassment
    • Hacking a spouse’s devices
    • Revenge pornography
    • Identity theft or impersonation of a spouse
    • Diverting assets electronically

One of the most common misconceptions about electronic crime is that because it takes place online, it does not receive the same level of scrutiny or punishment as physical crime. This could not be more wrong. The state has entire teams of law enforcement agencies and attorneys devoted to identifying, investigating and prosecuting cybercrime. As a result, it is absolutely crucial that if you have been accused by a former spouse, you have a defense lawyer of your own to protect you.

Using Advanced Technology To Defend You

You can find hundreds of defense attorneys in Connecticut, but not all of them understand advanced electronic and computer technology. One of the advantages of our firm is that we implement cutting-edge technology to aid us in researching your case. We also have connections with cybersecurity experts, forensic accountants, information technology specialists and more.

Act Quickly For Help Regarding Electronic Crime

The moment you believe you are under suspicion for an electronic crime, contact MeehanLaw, LLC. You should also contact us if you believe that you are the victim of a cybercrime. We will immediately evaluate your case and can provide advice and guidance. To request an initial consultation with us, please call our Fairfield office at 203-989-2949, call our Bridgeport office at 203-664-8059 or send us an email.