Protection, Empathy And Strength For Abuse Survivors

If you are experiencing domestic violence, one option is to seek relief from abuse through a restraining order. Under Connecticut statute 46b-15, you have the right to seek a court order designed to protect you from physical abuse or threats of abuse from a family member or member of your household.

Our team at MeehanLaw, LLC, cares deeply about helping adults and children who have experienced domestic violence. By combining compassion, innovation, skill and decades of legal experience, we do everything in our power to keep you safe and help you move toward a better future.

How Do I Get A Restraining Order?

There are several steps to follow before you can obtain relief from abuse:

  1. Fill out the necessary paperwork; you can find them online or you can get them in person at the courthouse.
  2. Go to the courthouse in your jurisdiction and file the paperwork with the clerk.
  3. This grants you a temporary, or ex parte, restraining order against the perpetrator until your court hearing.
  4. A state marshal or process server will serve the restraining order to the respondent.
  5. Within 14 days, you will have a court hearing in which a judge decides whether to make the temporary restraining order permanent.

This process can seem overwhelming, particularly when you are also grappling with the emotional stress of surviving abuse, going about your job and tending to your family obligations. We understand, which is why we can help you with every detail of your petition, including representing you at the court hearing.

Ask Us More About Restraining Orders

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