Legal Help For People Affected By Domestic Violence

In Connecticut, domestic violence – also called family violence – refers to physical harm or threats of violence against family members or members of the household. At MeehanLaw, LLC, we have spent more than 60 years helping clients who survived domestic violence and who face accusations of domestic violence. We understand how overwhelming your current situation must feel, and we truly want to make things better.

How We Can Assist You

Our lawyers listen to your side of the story, then gather the evidence to back it up. We take pains to investigate the allegations thoroughly, gathering every available fact available to build a persuasive case. In addition, we have an extensive network of connections with outside professionals who can prove helpful to your cause, including mental health clinicians, forensic experts and medical professionals. We frequently use innovative technology such as telecommunication apps which can prevent you from having to be in the same room as your abuser.

Exploring Your Options For Protection Orders

Unfortunately, many incidents of abuse do not result in an arrest or prosecution. Situations in which the abuser uses coercive control – or threats, insults, humiliation and intimidation – often do not have any physical evidence or a paper trail.

Fortunately, survivors still have legal options for protection if the perpetrator is not in jail. We can help you seek a civil protection order, which prohibits your abuser from coming within a certain distance or making contact with you.

Experience Working With Children Of Abuse

Allegations of domestic abuse become even more complex when children are involved. One of our attorneys, Robert Meehan, is an experienced guardian ad litem who regularly works with parents and children who have experienced domestic violence. He understands how these civil and criminal cases work and can guide you through them, always advocating for you and doing his best to shield your child from trauma.

Discuss Your Concerns With An Ally You Can Trust

When you have MeehanLaw, LLC on your side, you have a team of lawyers ready to protect your rights ferociously. Call our office in Bridgeport at 203-664-8059, call our office in Fairfield at 203-989-2949 or send us an email to set up your initial consultation.