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Fairfield County Divorce Lawyers Help Spouses Achieve Positive Results

Bridgeport attorneys handle uncontested and contentious matters

While divorce marks the end of a marriage, it is also the start of a new chapter, so the decisions you make during the legal process could shape your life for years to come. Located in Bridgeport, MeehanLaw, LLC represents clients from Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut in all types of divorce proceedings, including litigation, mediation and settlement discussions. For three generations, our family lawyers have protected the rights of husbands and wives in disputes over property division, alimony, child custody and other matters. Whether your divorce is uncontested or highly contentious, we’ll give you the information and advocacy you need to make smart choices.

Firm serving Connecticut delivers sound advice on marital dissolution

More than 10 percent of Connecticut residents are divorced, but whether someone is new to the process or has previously ended a marriage, it’s important to retain a courtroom-tested family law attorney who can clearly explain facets of state law relating to:

  • Grounds — Connecticut law permits residents to file for a no-fault divorce if there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the marital union or spouses have lived separately for a continuous period of at least 18 months. Traditional fault grounds such as adultery, intolerable cruelty and willful desertion are also available. If you’re unsure about which path best suits your needs, we can explain each type of filing.
  • Legal separation — For spouses who want to maintain their legal marital status but choose to live apart, our attorneys can negotiate a separation agreement that addresses spousal support, parenting issues and other key concerns that arise as you adjust your relationship.
  • Uncontested divorce — When the parties agree on custody arrangements, alimony, property division and every other aspect of their divorce, they can seek an uncontested dissolution of marriage. This option reduces time and expense from the process. Along with a settlement agreement, each spouse submits a financial affidavit and other forms relevant to their situation. We can explain the benefits and possible pitfalls of pursuing an uncontested divorce.

Once one spouse files for divorce, the dissolution will take at least four months and could last much longer. We know what a burden the legal process can be and give you the information and support you need up front to negotiate from a position of strength. We can also help you avoid pitfalls that lengthen the litigation.

Skillful advocates take on alimony, custody, property and child support issues

From your free initial consultation until the marriage is legally dissolved, we’ll assert your rights and safeguard your well-being. Our accomplished divorce lawyers skillfully handle issues such as:

  • Alimony — When questions exist regarding temporary and permanent alimony, our attorneys take into account each spouse’s ability to support themselves, the duration of the marriage and other key factors referenced in Connecticut law. After an honest assessment of what a judge might decide, we help paying and recipient spouses determine whether to seek an agreement on spousal support or bring the matter to court.
  • Property division —Whether a couple has extensive financial holdings or not, dividing marital assets such as bank accounts, stocks and the family home can lead to expensive, stressful disputes. If conflicts exist, we look to address them creatively but are always prepared to seek an equitable distribution in court if that’s the best path forward.
  • Child custody and visitation — We’re committed to establishing child custody and visitation terms that give both parents the opportunity to maintain frequent, meaningful contact with their sons and daughters.
  • Child support — Noncustodial parents of minors must pay child support. While this obligation might seem straightforward, disputes can erupt over the accuracy of financial information, modification requests and failure to make timely payments. In all of these situations, we take quick action to protect parents and children.

In every divorce case, we give clients personalized counsel that is not only geared to securing a proper outcome but also to easing the burden on spouses while matters get resolved.

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MeehanLaw, LLC represents divorcing spouses in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. To arrange a meeting regarding your situation, please call 203-916-1743 or contact us online for a free initial consultation. Our office is in Bridgeport.

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