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Westport Family Law Attorneys Assist Parents During Legal Conflicts

Established Connecticut law firm helps with divorce, alimony and custody

At MeehanLaw, LLC, we have decades of experience advocating for the rights of Fairfield County parents and children. From our Westport office, we seek the best possible outcomes in a full range of family law issues, including adoption, child custody, visitation and alimony. No matter the challenges you face, our attorneys will focus on supporting your family’s goals and resolving your concerns. Our Westport family law attorneys will develop legal strategies that keep in mind your current priorities and your hopes for the future.

Dedicated advocacy for marriage dissolution and related issues

Well-versed in Connecticut family law, our firm delivers reliable representation for Fairfield County clients in all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Alimony — Alimony is meant to help a financially disadvantaged spouse meet his or her needs while a divorce is pending and to maintain their usual standard of living afterward. Among the factors considered by a court in granting alimony are the duration of the marriage, the spouses’ earning capacities and the child-care responsibilities. Whether you are the alimony payer or receiver, it is advisable to retain an attorney to help obtain a just and workable arrangement.
  • Property division —Connecticut is an equitable distribution state, which means that when spouses can’t agree on dividing their assets and debts, the court will attempt a fair allocation. However, the division may not be equal. We work to produce a negotiated resolution that protects our clients’ real estate interests, stake in a business and other property.
  • Child support — Though both parents share in financial responsibility for their children, child support is paid by the noncustodial parent to cover costs of food, clothing, housing and other necessities, as well as health insurance and childcare. In Connecticut, child support is based on the income of each parent, the number of children in the family and other relevant factors.
  • Custody and visitation — We advise parents on legal and physical custody and work to craft parenting time solutions that suit both parents while serving the best interests of the children. Where an agreement can’t be reached, we can seek to enter the Regional Family Trial Docket in the Middlesex Judicial District, which is designed to resolve custody and visitation cases quickly. In representing noncustodial parents, we advocate for an order providing substantial visitation. Our firm can also serve as guardian ad litem if the court deems it necessary to appoint one.
  • Modifications — Due to events that occur after a divorce, the terms of alimony, child support or custody may be no longer be feasible or appropriate. When changes arise in financial positions, social situations or other circumstances, our firm can petition for a modification of court orders.
  • Mediation — Whenever possible, we forge settlements outside of court. Sometimes this can be done through mediation, a helpful process for resolving disagreements with the guidance of an impartial professional.

While we avail ourselves of all possible avenues for attaining favorable outcomes without litigation, we are skilled and assertive trial attorneys with the courtroom skill and experience to bring a compelling case.

Accomplished Connecticut family lawyers provide reliable guidance

Three generations of attorneys from the Meehan family have practiced at MeehanLaw. Laws, culture and the idea of a typical Connecticut family have evolved significantly since we first opened our doors in 1961. We have kept up with the times, helping our Fairfield County clients build and protect their families in the ways that work for them. With patience and respect, we guide and educate our clients about the legal processes they face. This includes representing couples seeking to adopt, helping them demonstrate the necessary qualifications and prepare the necessary paperwork.

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From our office in Westport, the qualified attorneys at MeehanLaw, LLC can assist you in all facets of family law throughout Fairfield County. To schedule a consultation, call us at 203-916-1743 or contact us online.

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