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Family Law

Experienced Connecticut Family Lawyers Pursue Effective Solutions

Fairfield County attorneys assist clients across the state

Whether you’re going through a trying divorce or joyfully looking forward to an adoption, knowledgeable legal counsel will help you accomplish your goals. Dating back to 1961, MeehanLaw, LLC has offered exceptional family law representation and service to clients in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut. From our office in Bridgeport, we handle a full range of family law issues associated with all types of domestic legal concerns. In each situation, our experienced attorneys provide the knowledge, skill and sensitivity that these matters demand.

Accomplished firm provides strong guidance to divorcing spouses

Just as each marriage is unique, so is each divorce. For three generations, our family-run law firm has blended professional legal advocacy with personal attention in trials and all types of marriage dissolution proceedings. We handle each aspect of Connecticut divorce, including:

  • Child custody and visitation — State law requires parents to attend a training course in order to learn about the best ways to share responsibilities after a divorce. We work hard to resolve questions of legal and physical custody in a manner that both parents can support. Should consensus be impossible, courts make decisions based on what is in the child’s best interests. In these cases, we prepare a thorough presentation concerning the child’s physical, emotional, educational and social needs and, whenever possible, advocate for an order that includes substantial visitation rights for the noncustodial parent. Our background in this area helps clients in guardian ad litem matters well as contested cases assigned to the Regional Family Trial Docket in Middletown.
  • Equitable distribution — In Connecticut, courts divide marital assets and debts according to the principle of equitable distribution. This means that if the parties can’t agree on a property allocation, the judge decides what is fair. It’s important to remember that this might not be an even split. We make sure that all relevant assets are considered, including business share and investments, when pursuing a resolution.
  • Alimony — Once one spouse files for divorce, temporary alimony can be ordered so that a wife or husband who relies on their partner for most or all of their financial support can meet their needs while the divorce is pending. Upon dissolution of the marriage, alimony might be awarded based on a variety of factors, including the duration of the union, each party’s earning ability and whether one spouse has primary childcare responsibilities. Whether you are seeking spousal support or may have to pay it, we’ll explain how a court might rule and will seek a fair outcome.
  • Child support — Even if parents were never married, both are financially responsible for supporting their children. That means child support must be paid by a father or mother who does not have physical custody. After looking at each side’s income, health insurance costs and other potential factors, we’ll advise you about what you can expect.
  • Modification actions — Changes that occur after a divorce is finalized  could mean that an existing custody, alimony or child support order is now inappropriate. In cases where a financial shift, proposed move or some other circumstance might justify a modification, we advise parties requesting and opposing the adjustment.
  • Trials — Many family law matters can be resolved without going to court, but when a trial is the best means of asserting your rights, we have the courtroom skills and experience to present a compelling case.

For divorcing clients in the Bridgeport area, Fairfield County and across the state, we take the time to learn about your marriage, values and objectives, starting with a free initial consultation.

Knowledgeable advisers help families manage the adoption process

Making the decision to adopt a child is a wonderful goal, but there are many steps that must be taken before the process is complete. For both domestic and international placements, we offer knowledgeable guidance from start to finish. Before you make a commitment, we’ll outline the training program, financial review, background check and other requirements set forth by the Connecticut Department of Children and Families.

Established firm uses mediation to resolve divorce and custody disputes

In most legal disputes, the end of the case usually marks the end of the parties’ relationship. However, family law litigants may have to cooperate on key matters for many years, especially if they share children. Having practiced throughout the Bridgeport area for three generations, our firm has seen how mediation can work to resolve disputes over custody, alimony, property division and other issues that arise during a divorce. This alternative dispute resolution process helps families maintain their privacy, reduce expense, avoid unnecessary conflict and emerge with an agreement that reflects everyone’s goals.

Contact a dedicated Connecticut family lawyer for a free initial consultation

MeehanLaw, LLC advises Connecticut residents on a wide array of family law matters, including divorce and child support disputes. Please call 203-916-1743 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free consultation at our Bridgeport office.

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