What time of year is divorce most likely to occur?

There are certain times of the year when people are more likely to experience certain major life events. For example, many people marry in the summer or the fall. While people can technically get married on any day, there are certain times of year when weddings are more likely to occur.

The same is true for divorce. Technically, either spouse can file for divorce at any time. However, there are certain trends regarding when people start talking about divorce or file their paperwork.

Some people call January “divorce month”

Many attorneys and family courts report an uptick in divorce consultations and filings in the beginning of the year. People who did not want to ruin the holidays for their children, for example, may finally sit down with a family law attorney in January to start discussing their options.

For others, it may be yet another frustrating or disappointing holiday season that makes them realize their marriage hasn’t worked well for them. After the new year begins, quite a few people will start researching divorce or taking the first steps to prepare for divorce. However, there are indicators that other times of the year may be more likely to see people beginning to explore divorce.

Some research indicates that March and August see the highest number of divorce filings or online searches for divorce topics. The March bump in divorce filings could simply be a result of needing time to prepare for divorce after beginning discussions with a lawyer in January.

For some people, there may be a strategic reason to consider divorcing at a specific time. The speed of the process could be a factor. Choosing to file during slower seasons might mean less waiting before going to court. For others, issues ranging from school needs for their children to tax concerns in the upcoming year might motivate them to file at a certain point.

Timing can contribute to everything from how long the process takes to how emotional a spouse becomes. However, people typically shouldn’t rush to file at a certain time unless their finances or safety is at risk. Divorce is a life-altering process, and people need to take the time to consider this decision carefully and prepare themselves before they talk about divorce with a spouse.