Potential signs that couples are drifting apart

Some couples do drift apart over time, and this is a potential reason for divorce. There may not be a major negative event that happens within the relationship – like an affair – but the couple just feels farther apart than they were before and the romantic relationship isn’t what it used to be.

Planning in advance for divorce can certainly be helpful. That’s why it’s good to know if there are any signs that your relationship may be heading in this direction. Below are a few potential red flags that could indicate that a couple is drifting apart.

They prefer spending time with others

One potential issue is when it’s clear that each person would prefer to spend time with friends or even stay late at the office. It’s not that couples need to spend all of their time together, but an aversion to spending time together is a red flag.

They don’t have anything to talk about

When couples struggle to even have conversations, it could mean that they are changing and drifting in different directions. They simply have different interests and they don’t seem to connect anymore.

There’s a lack of physical or emotional intimacy

One common red flag that a couple is drifting apart is that the physical and emotional intimacy in their relationship has stopped. Everything may appear normal from the outside, but they can tell that things are different.

Every little thing becomes an argument

In some cases, couples begin feeling more animosity toward each other. Little issues become arguments, or it feels like everything their partner does is frustrating and annoying. The real issue is much deeper, in that they no longer have that level of connection.

Do you believe that your own marriage is moving toward a divorce? If so, be sure you know what steps you can take to plan in advance and prepare.