Making the most of divorce mediation 

Divorce may traditionally have been viewed as an adversarial process, but this perception has changed in recent years. Divorcing couples are beginning to understand the benefits of mediation. 

Essentially, mediation allows couples to separate in a less formal environment and on their own terms. Nonetheless, mediation only works when both spouses put the effort in. 

Outlined below are a few key steps to making mediation a success

Being prepared 

While mediation is less formal, it is still a structured negotiation. This means that all parties need to carry out their due diligence. You’ll need to have a firm grasp of your marital assets and individual financial situations. This will help you to negotiate a fair settlement. 

Take your time 

It’s natural to want to get the divorce over with, but you don’t want to make too many sacrifices while doing so. Mediation can generally be arranged according to your schedule. If you need some time to cool off and gather your thoughts, it’s likely that this will be approved. 

Be willing to compromise 

Neither spouse is likely to get absolutely everything they want out of the divorce. There needs to be room for compromise. Prioritize the matters that are most important to you and consider compromise and creative solutions to secondary issues. 

Mediation can take a lot of the stress out of divorce. It can also be less expensive and more time-efficient. You still need to protect your rights, so be sure to have legal guidance behind you at each step of the process.