When should you tell your kids about the divorce?

Dissolving a marriage with children can be complicated. For starters, you need to inform them about your decision and answer tough questions from them. So, when should you do this? 

This guide discusses when to tell your kids about the divorce:

When you have adequate information

Even though there may not be a perfect time to tell kids about divorce, it’s crucial to do so when you have adequate information about major matters. You don’t need to have everything figured out, but at least have some answers for your kids’ concerns. 

Before one of you moves out

It can be confusing for your kids to discover one of their parents no longer lives with them without any explanation. Hence, consider having a divorce conversation before this happens. This way, when one of you moves out, they will be aware of the situation.

If you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse decide to remain in the family home until the divorce is final, it may also help to have this conversation. This is because your kids may notice the change in your relationship or that one parent moved to the guest bedroom.

During the weekend 

Telling your kids about the divorce during the weekend allows you to monitor their response closely. Doing so on a school night may not be the best move.

Further, consider talking to them during the day to have enough time to answer questions instead of just before bedtime.

It may also help to inform your kids’ teachers about the divorce. This way, they will know to look out for changes in their behavior. 

It’s vital to be careful when discussing divorce with your kids. It may also help to get legal guidance to protect your parental rights.