When to have the prenup conversation with your partner

Prenuptial agreements, or prenups, often carry a negative perception in the minds of many. Some people view them as unromantic gestures or a sign of mistrust in the relationship even before the marriage. It is perhaps why bringing up the topic of a prenup can be a delicate matter.

However, having an honest and respectful conversation about your financial expectations and goals as a spouse is important. It can help build a solid foundation for your marriage by providing financial security and peace of mind. So, when is the right time to have the prenup conversation? Below are some key considerations and useful tips that can help you decide.

The earlier, the better

While it may seem unconventional, discussing a prenuptial agreement early in the relationship can foster trust and transparency. It allows both partners to communicate their expectations, financial goals and concerns openly. It also ensures that you both clearly understand each other’s perspectives.

Way before the wedding plans

It is best to broach the subject before wedding planning kicks into high gear. Bringing it up early in the engagement allows ample time for meaningful discussions and information gathering. In addition, signing the prenup months before the wedding can help avoid last-minute stress and claims of coercion or duress due to an imminent wedding date.

The circumstances of your relationship matter

Every situation is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all perfect time to bring up the topic of a prenup. For instance, it may not be necessary for a fling that will not lead to marriage. However, taking a proactive step and initiating the conversation is crucial if you intend to walk down the aisle.

While timing is key to the prenup talk, open and honest communication also matters. It is also best to seek legal assistance in the prenup creation process to help protect your interests.