Protecting your privacy during a divorce

The majority of people like to keep their family life out of the public eye. When going through a divorce, achieving this aim can be tricky, particularly if you are a person of interest. Generally, details of divorce proceedings are a matter of public record.

That being said, there are some ways to keep your divorce out of the public eye. Outlined below are a few things to consider.

Have you thought about mediation?

Traditionally, divorce was viewed as an adversarial procedure wherein one party walked away and then fought for what they wanted in court. In reality, this isn’t how divorce tends to work anymore.

Mediation is a modern approach to divorce that is becoming much more popular. Essentially, mediation involves a less formal process that can be settled outside of the courts. Spouses begin with the mindset of cooperation and compromise, and the aim of the process is for all parties to leave with an equitable settlement. One of the primary potential benefits of mediation is that it can remain private. Mediators, legal representatives and spouses are the only people who need to know about the details.

Monitor your online activity

Your social media accounts may have their most private settings activated. This can leave you with a false sense of security that you can talk about the divorce in confidence on a public platform. However, this isn’t true. Anything that you post online can potentially be accessed by interested parties who need only possess a little bit of tech savviness. Thus, it’s best to restrict your social media as much as possible during your divorce, and it’s certainly never a good idea to mention it explicitly online.

Additionally, by seeking legal guidance, you can gain much more information on how to protect your rights and your privacy.