How to tell your spouse that you want a divorce

Connecticut has one of the lowest divorce rates in the United States. As of now, the divorce rate in Connecticut is 10.50 percent. Nevertheless, it’s a tough yet necessary solution for many couples who continue to struggle in their relationships for various reasons.

Maybe you and your spouse fight over the same issues. Or you both barely have time for each other due to busy work schedules. Regardless, you’ve had enough and wish to dissolve your marriage. Here are three tips on how to tell your spouse you want a divorce:

1. Schedule time to talk in private

Bringing up your desire to divorce out of nowhere — like while watching TV — would shock them and catch them off-guard, especially if they were unaware of your wish to pursue marriage dissolution. Instead, tell them you need to have a serious conversation and arrange a time and location for it to take place.

2. Speak calmly, without blame or antagonism

If you start shouting and making accusations, it’ll likely turn into an ugly fight and make the tension worse than it already is. Convey your feelings in a gentle, firm and respectful way. After all, you would want the same courtesy if someone needed to confront you about an issue.

3. Brace yourself for any anger on their part

Hearing the news about a divorce may provoke their anger, and if it does, you should remain calm. Afterward, start preparing for the next steps in the divorce process.

Most couples don’t want to end their relationships, but sometimes there’s no choice but to divorce a spouse. If you and your spouse are considering ending your marriage, it’s best to reach out for experienced legal assistance to aid you in your case.