Why do people seek therapy after divorce?

Divorce is a very emotional time for families. There may be things said during the divorcing process that people later regret. There may even be an emotional struggle after divorce – but, that’s why people have the option to see a therapist. 

Post-divorce therapy may be helpful if you struggle to adjust to your new life. Some people seek divorce counseling because of events that happened in a marriage. Here’s what you should know:

Getting back on your feet after divorce

Life changes after marriage. You and your spouse often become dependent on each other and make considerations that benefit you both. Much of your time spent while married may have been with your spouse: seeing movies, eating, grocery shopping, holidays, etc. 

After divorce, however, you may have realized there will be many changes to come in your life. It can be hard to re-establish a lifestyle that relies on you alone. But, you don’t have to experience divorce alone – divorce counselors can often help newly-divorced people rebuild their independence. 

Many people experience feelings of grief after divorce. Grief is a process that has many stages and can eventually cause you to be better in the end:

  • Denial: refusal to accept your present situation
  • Anger: feeling hate toward your ex
  • Bargaining: looking to rebuild your marriage
  • Depression: grieving the loss of the life you knew
  • Acceptance: embracing change and moving on

Divorce after an unhealthy relationship

Not every marriage ends up with a “happily-ever-after.” People may experience hardships in their marriage that have emotionally and physically altered them. Therapy may give someone a safe place to discuss the problems that occurred in their marriage and help them transition into a new relationship. Divorce therapy can take many sessions, ultimately improving your life. Divorce therapists are often readily available to support your needs.

If you’re looking to divorce, then you may need to know your options to ensure your rights are protected and you’re set to take on the next phase of your life.