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Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Westport Car Accident Lawyers Represent Victims

Skilled litigators in Fairfield County win compensation for injuries

For all of Connecticut’s charm, the roads here can be hectic and hazardous. Major thoroughfares like I-95 see frequent accidents and in the Westport area, drivers must be extra cautious on U.S. 1 and the Merritt Parkway. The Wesport car accident attorneys at MeehanLaw, LLC represent Fairfield County residents in claims against negligent motorists. Since 1961, we have faced off against insurance companies and achieved sizeable recoveries for people hurt in all kinds of automobile accidents, from fender benders to major car wrecks.

Accomplished attorneys well-versed in all types of motor vehicle accident cases

Even when moving at moderate speeds, motor vehicles can exact serious damage on people and property. Collisions can lead to such injuries as head and neck trauma, broken bones, lacerations and internal damage. Our personal injury attorneys are skilled at resolving the legal aftermath of all types of accidents, including those involving trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians. We seek the full monetary compensation our clients deserve. We also file wrongful death cases to recover damages for those who have lost loved ones in fatal crashes.

Connecticut firm experienced at proving fault for collisions

Connecticut follows a traditional fault-based system in assigning financial responsibility for a car accident. That means a person injured in a car accident must prove it was caused primarily (at least 50 percent) by the negligence of another driver. That is why it is essential to establish the root causes of the accident. Knowing what to look for at crash scene can be critical to proving fault. We have an established track record of thoroughly investigating the common causes of car crashes, including:

  • Drunk driving —Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs frequently results in serious injuries. We conduct discovery of police reports and other evidence to determine if a driver’s actions were affected by drinking or by substance use.
  • Distracted driving —Witness testimony, phone records and surveillance footage may help establish that a crash was caused by a driver phoning, texting or using other devices.
  • Driver fatigue — Drowsy driving can be extremely dangerous, especially when truck drivers are concerned.. We can conduct an investigation to determine if fatigue was a factor in a collision.
  • Poor weather or road conditions — Drivers are expected to take extra precautions when snow, rain or fog limits visibility and traction. Government agencies and their contractors are responsible for exercising due care in maintaining roadways. We investigate whether negligence contributed to an accident under these circumstances.

Whether you were hurt on a major highway or while crossing a Westport street, our lawyers will give your accident a thorough evaluation and build a compelling case for maximizing your financial recovery.

Dedicated Westport firm guides clients on what to do after a crash

Taking the right steps immediately after an accident can help protect your legal rights. Injured passengers or drivers should move to safety and seek medical attention as soon as possible afterward. Also try to write down the details of what happened while your memory is fresh and take pictures of the scene if possible. Exchange license and insurance information with the other drivers but only answer questions asked by police officers responding at the scene. As soon as possible, contact MeehanLaw LLC. Our attorneys can pick up where you left off, promptly collecting evidence and building your case. Insurance claims must be filed within two years of the accident.

Contact a reputable Westport personal injury firm for a free consultation

MeehanLaw, LLC in Westport, Connecticut advocates for people injured in auto accidents, including truck and motorcycle collisions. We handle insurance claims and litigation across the state. To schedule a consultation, call 203-916-1743 or contact us online.

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