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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents

Accomplished Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Bridgeport Advocate for People Hit by Cars

Seasoned Connecticut personal injury lawyers pursue damages for victims

As the most populous city in Connecticut, Bridgeport is an area bustling with drivers and pedestrians. When collisions take place, the dedicated attorneys at MeehanLaw, LLC advocate for injured pedestrians. A staple of the local community since 1961, our firm represents people on foot throughout Fairfield County when they are hurt by distracted or reckless motorists. We understand the factors and types of evidence relevant to pedestrian injury cases and will seek the compensation you deserve to fully cover your injuries and other losses.

The facts surrounding pedestrian accidents

Data reveals that most pedestrian accidents occur in urban areas, so it’s not surprising that dozens of pedestrians suffer minor or serious injuries in Bridgeport accidents every year. People are more likely to be hit outside an intersection than within an intersection and also more likely to be hit at night than during the day. Children, adults aged 65 and older, and people under the influence of alcohol are hit by vehicles more often than individuals outside these categories.

Pedestrians have the right of way at both marked and unmarked crosswalks in Connecticut. Every intersection in the state includes a crosswalk, whether or not it is marked. Drivers generally have the right of way at non-intersections and when the “do not walk” signal is on. We will investigate the circumstances of your accident to pursue the damages you deserve.

Experienced advocates handle claims for a range of injuries

In a car accident where a driver strikes a person, the pedestrian may experience two major impacts, first with the car and then with the ground. Some non-fatal injuries that can result from a pedestrian accident include:

  • Broken limbs
  • Brain injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Chest trauma
  • Burns

Too often, a pedestrian accident results in serious physical and emotional damage, leading to costly surgery, long-term care, physical therapy and mental health treatment. The injured person may have to take days, weeks or months off from work or school. Our attorneys work to give accident victims a better chance of obtaining the compensation they need when they’re struck by a car.

Steps to take after an accident

If you are hit by a car when walking, it’s important to get medical attention right away. The full effects of an injury may be masked by shock, but a medical professional can look for potential head trauma, internal damage and other injuries. Prompt treatment may prevent worse problems, and your medical record will be important to your insurance claim. When possible and safe to do so, get the identification and insurance information of the person who hit you. Once you have received any necessary medical care, it is wise to contact a personal injury attorney and explore your options for seeking compensation.

Reputable law firm argues for fair compensation

Connecticut law holds that a person who causes a vehicle accident is responsible for covering the victim’s costs, including medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. If the victim was more than 50 percent at fault for the accident, however, he or she cannot seek damages from the negligent party.

While drivers are often to blame when they strike pedestrians, pedestrians may be found partially responsible. Evidence used to determine fault may include photos or videos from the scene, witness testimony, the police report and other documents. The monetary value of damages is based on the extent of injuries and the losses suffered. We will investigate the circumstances of your accident and advocate for a settlement or damage award that fully addresses your losses.

Contact our Bridgeport pedestrian accident litigators for a free initial consultation

MeehanLaw, LLC represents pedestrians injured in accidents involving drivers. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 203-916-1743 or contact us online. Based in Bridgeport, our office is near the Fairfield County Courthouse.

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