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Accomplished Bridgeport Lawyers Litigate Auto Accident Claims

Dedicated trial advocates work to collect compensation for crash victims

Busy roads in Fairfield County and throughout Connecticut present a challenge to drivers. In an instant, someone else’s momentary lapse can lead to a harmful car accident. From our office in Bridgeport, MeehanLaw, LLC assists victims of vehicle collisions in seeking appropriate compensation for the injuries they have suffered. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience asserting the rights of individuals hurt in auto accidents as well as crashes involving trucks, motorcycles and public transportation. In many situations, you can’t do anything to avoid a car wreck, but by hiring the right lawyer, you can maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome during litigation or settlement negotiations.

Connecticut attorneys act to hold negligent drivers accountable

Under the state’s traditional fault-based insurance system, victims of car collisions can pursue damages from the driver responsible for the crash, that driver’s insurer, or their own carrier. Often, serious differences exist as to who is to blame. In these situations, it’s important to retain a seasoned personal injury attorney who has extensive trial experience and can build the strongest possible argument on your behalf. Our seasoned litigators know how to handle claims involving all types of automobile accident causes, including:

  • Drunk or drug-impaired driving — A significant percentage of Connecticut auto accidents result from drivers who are impaired by drugs or alcohol. Even if the at-fault driver isn’t arrested, we can investigate whether he or she was compromised.
  • Fatigue — Truck and car drivers who don’t get enough sleep or who are on the road for too long present a serious danger. Our firm assists individuals who have been struck by fatigued motorists.
  • Weather and road conditions — Roads that are poorly designed or not well maintained can trigger a harmful crash, especially in bad weather. When this is a possibility, we review to see if a potential claim exists against a government body, construction company or another type of defendant.
  • Distracted drivers — Pervasive cellphone use has led to numerous accidents. Should this or another distraction play a role in your crash, we’ll prepare a compelling case on your behalf.

Whether you were hurt on a major road such as Interstate 95, Routes 8 or 25, or right outside your own driveway, our lawyers will give you a free initial consultation and press to maximize your financial recovery.

Experienced legal counselors explain what to do after an accident

More than 10,000 injury-causing accidents and almost 300 traffic fatalities occurred on Connecticut roads in the past year. No matter how common auto accidents are, they are anything but when you are involved in one. Taking the right steps immediately after an accident can help protect your physical safety and legal rights. Always focus first on getting yourself and everyone else to a safe spot. From there, contact the police and request medical attention if necessary. If no one is in physical danger, you can begin to gather contact information, take pictures of the scene and record your impressions. Don’t worry about assessing fault: we will handle that in the claims process.

Strong litigators seek to maximize injury and wrongful death damages

Motor vehicles weighing thousands of pounds can trigger devastating harm, especially when traveling at a high rate of speed. Whether you’ve endured broken bones, brain damage, back problems or some other type of injury, we deliver effective advocacy to maximize your recovery in a verdict or settlement. Our firm develops clear, compelling arguments so that clients can collect payment for medical costs, time missed from work, rehabilitation expenses, and pain and suffering. We also seek justice in wrongful death actions when an auto accident claims the life of a loved one.

Effective firm takes on cases arising from truck and motorcycle collisions

You can count on us to represent your interests effectively even in specialized accident cases involving:

  • Pedestrians — Pedestrians have the right of way in Connecticut crosswalks and even in other areas, so drivers must remain aware of someone who might be walking on or near a road.
  • Trucks — Our firm handles cases pertaining to commercial vehicle collisions. Drivers and owners of large trucks must abide by specific rules, so we analyze the facts to determine if a violation of regulations involving rest periods or vehicle maintenance contributed to the crash.
  • Construction vehicles — Heavy equipment and active construction sites could lead to an accident if operators are not paying careful attention to surrounding traffic.
  • Motorcycle — If you’ve been hit by a car or truck while riding a motorcycle, our firm will pursue full compensation for the serious injuries that can result.

If you’ve been injured in a crash, we offer the highest levels of legal advocacy and customer service and can handle complex accident cases where multiple vehicles collide.

Contact a skillful Connecticut auto accident lawyer for a free consultation

MeehanLaw, LLC assists individuals who have been hurt in Connecticut vehicle accidents, including truck and motorcycle collisions. We handle litigation and insurance matters around the state. For a free initial consultation, please call 203-916-1743 or contact us online. Our office is located in Bridgeport, two minutes from the Fairfield County Courthouse.

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