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Bridgeport Lawyers Represent Motorists Accused of Drunk Driving

Established OUI defense firm assists clients throughout Connecticut

Without warning, a typical night can turn into a major legal and personal problem if you’re arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs (OUI). You might not be sure about your options, especially if your breathalyzer test result is over the relevant legal limit. However, the accomplished trial advocates at MeehanLaw, LLC in Bridgeport investigate the facts thoroughly and identify ways that you might be able to defeat the case against you or reduce the penalty you receive.

Lawyers work to reduce or eliminate penalties for motorists facing charges

Nearly half of the fatal auto accidents that occur in Connecticut involve at least one driver who is impaired by alcohol. To reduce the number of accidents, injuries and deaths caused by drunk driving, the state imposes some harsh penalties on motorists who have been found to violate the law in this area, including:

  • Incarceration — Even first-time OUI offenders in Connecticut are subject to a jail term of at least 48 hours, and incarceration increases with each subsequent offense within a 10-year period. A second conviction carries a minimum 120-day sentence. Third convictions are punishable by at least one year behind bars.
  • License suspension — First and second OUI convictions can trigger a 45-day license suspension. Upon a third offense, the motorist loses their driving privileges.
  • Ignition interlock devices — State law now requires the installation of an ignition interlock device on the vehicles of people who have been convicted of drunk driving. These machines test a driver’s sobriety before allowing the car to start.
  • Fines — Fines start at $500 for an initial OUI offense, and second offenders must pay at least $1,000.

Within the state, drivers who are at least 21 years old are considered intoxicated if their blood alcohol level is .08 percent or higher. Underage drivers face a tougher standard and can be charged if their breathalyzer or blood test reading is .02 percent or higher. Our dedicated criminal defense lawyers will explain the standards that apply in your case and develop a defense strategy based on your circumstances, which could include a plea to a non-OUI charge.

Experienced lawyers outline the consequences of refusing a breath test

Some people believe that if they refuse a breathalyzer test, police and prosecutors might not have the evidence they need to press charges. However, the truth is much more complicated and, in many cases, the sanctions might be worse if you fail to cooperate with an officer who asks you to take a test. Under the doctrine of implied consent, any driver on a Connecticut road agrees to abide by certain rules, including submission to a sobriety evaluation upon request. The punishment for a first refusal is an automatic 45-day license suspension and the installation of an ignition interlock device, which prevents the car from starting unless the driver passes a breath test.

Skillful advocates explain the OUI legal process and possible defenses

The law enforcement process used to arrest an allegedly intoxicated driver has many parts, and an error at any time could prejudice the case against a motorist. An officer must have a reasonable suspicion that illegal activity is occurring to make an OUI stop. A higher standard, probable cause, must be met to justify an arrest. In many instances, these determinations rely on the subjective impressions generated during a brief roadside encounter or sobriety test. Even breathalyzers and other chemical tests can be mishandled or misleading. We analyze each aspect of drunk driving cases in great detail and identify any potential defenses that could lead to the exclusion of evidence or the dismissal of charges.

Contact a Fairfield County lawyer for a free consultation regarding a drunk driving charge

MeehanLaw, LLC represents Connecticut drivers who are accused of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Please call our Bridgeport firm at 203-916-1743 or contact us online to make an appointment for a free initial consultation at our office, less than two miles from the University of Bridgeport. We serve clients in Fairfield County and throughout the state of Connecticut.

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