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A Parent’s Guide For Long-Distance Parenting Amidst Coronavirus Pandemic

Parenting amidst during covid19Making sure that the children will not feel distant from their parents after divorce or separation has always been a difficult task to handle. With the current pandemic that the world is facing, such task has been made even harder than it was before. Although the guidelines about social distancing and quarantine measures do not directly affect the legalities of custody, limitations, and adjustments with some parts of the co-parenting agreement might arise given that we are amidst a health crisis.

 To help you in dealing with the concerns about long-distance parenting, here are some of the tips you might want to consider doing during this COVID-19 pandemic:

Talk With Your Co-Parent About The Adjustments To Be Considered
 To prevent unwanted conflicts from arising, you might want to have a discussion first with your ex about the adjustments that would be made as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although issues about child support and financial responsibilities are not directly affected by the social distancing and home quarantine directives, you might want to bring up the concerns with the schedule and place of child visitation. However, it would be best and must be emphasized that in doing this, it is that the child’s interest and welfare that you will be talking about and not your personal issues or interest.

The enemy we are fighting right now is unseen and dangerous. If the children’s health would be put in danger in relocating to a parent’s house, then it will be best for you and your ex to have an agreement whether to suspend the parenting time for the meantime or look for alternative solutions such as scheduling a visitation once in a while or instead of the children traveling, the parents will be the one to visit the children and the children will stay in place.

 If disputes arise or you cannot arrive at an agreement with your co-parent, call a family lawyer to become your mediator and help you make a plan that will cater to both parties’ interests and most especially the children’s welfare.

Make use of the advancement in technology to connect and stay in touch
 We are lucky enough to live during these times where distances are cut short by the gadgets and communicational tools modern day has to offer. If quarantine measures and social distancing directives would not allow traveling, visiting, and physical contact for it might put lives at risk, you may still be able to connect and communicate frequently with your child with the use of messaging apps.

Parenting amidst during covid19 You should keep in touch and stay connected to your children by asking them what did they do or how did they spend their stay-at-home time so that they will not feel alone and distant especially during these times. Also, interactive communication would be possible using the platforms that offer virtual communication such as Skype, Zoom, and Google meetings from which you would be able to see not only your children but also their living situation and surroundings.

You may also opt to play online games with your children. it will not only help them spend their home quarantine time safely but also build a stronger relationship and deeper understanding with each other.

Make use of the time with your children efficiently
 Since the COVID-19 crisis limits what you can do, you should make sure that every second of the time you spend with your children would be valued and spent efficiently. Instead of being a couch potato all day long, inspire and make your children discover and nurture their talents and hobbies. You could watch together with your children different tutorials on YouTube ranging from playing the guitar, fishing, cooking, planting, and basic home repairs which would not only be entertaining but also educational.

The coronavirus pandemic has already caused so much stress and panic to people of all ages, hence what should be highlighted during times like this is cooperation. Co-parents must try to be understanding and patient enough to come up with plans that will benefit their children. If you have queries concerning child custody matters during this health crisis, do not hesitate to contact a family lawyer from MeehanLaw Firm for consultations. In the end, no matter what the situation is, it is the children’s welfare and needs that should be prioritized and given the utmost attention.

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