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5 Warning Signs You Need a Dental Malpractice Lawyer

Dental MalpracticeIf your recent dental procedure involving any of the following circumstances, it is an indication that you should probably contact a dental malpractice lawyer:

The Area Does Not Look Clean
Proper sanitation is necessary to help prevent the spread of infection and cross-contamination between patients. If the waiting area looks unkempt, tools do not look properly sterilized, or you spot insect or rodent activity, these may be signs that cleanliness is not an important priority for your dentist. This disregard for basic hygienic practices can compromise your health and potentially make your dentist liable for a dental malpractice claim.

You Are Not Asked About Your Medical History
When you visit any type of medical professional, it is important that the professional or qualified assistant obtains your relevant medical history. Your medical history can reveal important information about you and your health, such as:

  • Current medical conditions
  • Medications you are currently taking
  • Known allergies
  • Potentials for complications

Dental Malpractice LawyerIf your dentist fails to obtain an important medical history from you and takes action that harms you that could have been avoided if he or she had this information, a dental malpractice case may arise.

Proper Procedures Are Not Followed
Dentists and dental staff must follow proper procedures, based on accepted standards of care in the medical community. If your dentist does not follow proper procedures, he or she may subject you to substantial health risks, including the possibility of being exposed to hepatitis B, hepatitis C, or HIV. If something seemed off about your procedure and you have recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition, you may want to conduct an online search for “dental malpractice lawyer near me” and request a free consultation to learn if you might have the basis for a dental malpractice lawsuit.

Your Dentist Rushes Through the Examination
Sometimes when a person is in a hurry, they may be more prone to making a mistake. The medical community is notorious for overbooking patients, which can cause appointments to back up into each other. Your dentist should take the necessary time to review your medical history, inspect your issue, conduct necessary x-rays, and complete the procedure in a safe manner.

There Is Not a Dental Assistant
Having a dental assistant helps a dental office ensure that all of the necessary procedures are followed and a patient receives appropriate attention while waiting for the dentist. However, a dental assistant also serves an important role in making sure the dentist acts appropriately with patients. Sadly, there have been several notable cases brought by dental malpractice lawyers after a dentist has given patient medication and then proceeded to abuse the person while they were unconscious. Beware a dentist who refuses to allow parents back with their children or who works alone and closes the door behind him or her.

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