Tips for handling child custody with a narcissist

Ending a relationship with a narcissist is often difficult, but you may find it even more challenging if you have children with that individual. One thing that’s difficult is that you can’t just cut ties and never speak to them again.

Because a narcissist is so focused on themselves and how things affect them, they can’t focus on what the children need. This makes having a parenting relationship with a narcissist complex. These few tips may help you if you’re facing this situation.

Compartmentalize situations

A narcissist feels powerful when they can invoke emotions from others. Learning how to compartmentalize the situations you’re dealing with may be beneficial because it can take the power away from them. Always try to think logically and remember that the narcissist lives in their own world where reality doesn’t rule, so they may not be able to see things for what they truly are.

Keep proof of everything

Narcissists will often tell partial truths or outright lies. The issue with this is that they fully believe what they’re saying and are often able to persuade others that what they’re saying is the truth. Keeping proof of everything possible, including receipts for the children’s expenses and points made during communication, can help you to show the truth when your ex starts lying.

Having a solid parenting plan is beneficial in these cases. Working with someone who can help you to get this together is beneficial, especially when you need the terms clear, concise and without any ambiguity. Getting this together as soon as possible after you split up can help to provide the stability the children need.