Can your dating life impact your child custody case?

As risky as it might seem, getting back into the dating scene after a divorce can be rejuvenating. And if you find love again following a failed marriage, you may feel obliged to let your kids meet your new partner

No law prevents you from finding love again after a failed marriage. Unfortunately, not everyone may be thrilled by your personal decisions. Specifically, if your ex is not as thrilled by your decision, or choice of love, they might bring the custody case back to court. 

So when does dating after divorce become a problem?

Most often, it is not your dating life that will impact your child custody case but rather the outcome of it. Here are two questions the court will review should your ex reopen the child custody case on account of your dating life. 

Is your dating life distracting you from active involvement in your child’s life?

If you and your ex separated months or years before finalizing your divorce, then it’s likely you may have begun seeing someone. If your ex can prove that this distracted you from providing proper care for the child, then you may have some difficulties. In other words, the parent who has the most involvement in the child’s day-to-day life may have the upper hand during a custody case.

Does your new relationship cause you to disparage your ex?

A new relationship will most likely draw you further away from your ex (emotionally speaking). However, it becomes a problem when your new relationship leads you to begin saying unpleasant things about your ex, especially in the presence of the child. 

Protecting your rights

Child custody cases, like most family law matters, can be quite complicated. Understanding how Connecticut family law works can help you plan your child’s life while avoiding dating mistakes that could hurt your child custody case.