Four questions and answers about divorce

Couples divorce for several reasons, whether due to infidelity or some other flaw – or simply because they realize they just aren’t compatible any longer.

A lot of people have some very similar questions when they’re approaching a divorce. Here are some of the most common – and their answers:

1. What will people think about my divorce?

Some people are reluctant to dissolve their marriages because their family members hold negative personal or cultural views about divorce. While they’re entitled to their opinions, no one — not even family members — gets a say in your choice to end a relationship. Overall, the social stigma surrounding divorce has lessened greatly.

2. How much does a divorce cost?

Fees for divorce litigation vary from state to state. In Connecticut, the average filing fee is around $360, and other divorce-related costs are about $12,000 or more. You can often reduce your costs, however, by working with your spouse to craft agreements that will let you proceed with an uncontested divorce (which means no litigation).

3. Will divorce have an adverse impact on the child(ren)?

Understandably, you worried how your divorce might affect any kids in tow. According to some studies, staying together with your spouse may have a worse impact on children if there’s high conflict or abuse. However, co-parenting is possible, provided both parents handle their personal issues in healthy ways while aiding children in coping with divorce.

4. Will you ever heal from the pain of divorce?

There’s no specific timeline for the healing process since it depends on the individual. That being said, you don’t have to do it alone. It helps to speak with a divorce therapist or a trusted ally.

Now that you have some questions about divorce clarified, do you feel it’s appropriate for your situation? If so, get started by reaching out to experienced legal guidance.