Should you tell your employer you are divorcing?

Some people are happy to mix work and personal life, while others prefer to keep them distinctly separate. No matter which camp you fall into, you should consider telling your employer you are divorcing

Here is why:

You may need extra time off

Unless you work nights, you will probably need time off to meet with your attorney or attend divorce hearings. Some employers can be unsympathetic to requests for time off, but they may be more accommodating when they realize how important it is.

You won’t be at your best

While you can try to throw yourself into your work to forget about your family issues, it is often not that effective. That is because divorce can take such an emotional toll on you that you only have limited mental resources to dedicate to your work. 

If your boss knows you are having a difficult time, they may be kinder when it comes to your next performance review, even if you have been underperforming. They might even pass some of your workload off to your colleagues. 

It can kill harmful gossip and gain you support from colleagues

Your co-workers will probably find out you are divorcing whether you tell them or not. By telling people, you take control of the situation giving the office gossip less chance to control the story.

You’ll probably also find many people step up to offer support. After all, some of them may have been in the same situation.

Getting legal support to handle your divorce can relieve some of the strain, leaving you more energy to focus on work.