Can you post your children on social media after divorcing?

Social media can be a great way to share information about your life with others, but it can also be a somewhat dangerous place. There are plenty of parents who don’t want their children to be on social media at all, and this may carry over to your life following your divorce.

Parents who have young children should discuss how comfortable they are with sharing images of their children on social media. To start this conversation, it can be helpful to discuss who you’re comfortable with having around your children and who you’d like to share information about your children with.

Posting images on social media

If your children are young, it may make sense to you to post a few images on social media from time to time. Your friends and family will be able to see them and how much they’ve grown or watch a video of a performance they participated in.

This isn’t usually a problem. What parents tend to start having issues with is when one parent is using their children in TikTok videos or allowing them to post their own content regularly. Essentially, making their children into child stars or posting media involving them without their permission is something that many parents do not approve of.

What can you do if you and your spouse disagree about social media use?

It’s important to talk about social media during your divorce and to decide what you or your ex-spouse are comfortable with. Do they feel it’s fine to have photos of your children on Facebook? Do they feel that making videos of your children playing to post to TikTok is inappropriate? What are the limits, and what do you both think of them?

Remember, you need to do what’s in your children’s best interests any time you do anything with them. What’s right for them may vary based on your preferences as a parent as well as their interests growing up. Make this topic one you address early during your divorce, so you’re clear on what’s expected and avoid divorce disputes related to posting your children’s information online.