Collaborating can help you end your divorce sooner

Collaborating with your spouse is a good way to end your marriage more positively and sooner than if you both could not get along. Collaboration is an amazing thing, because it allows you and your spouse to come to agreements about how you divide your assets, the kind of parenting time you need, if alimony or spousal support is necessary and so much more.

Collaborating is about listening to each other and really thinking about what you need as well as what would be fair for your spouse. Since you’ve been married for this long, it’s unlikely that you really think that you should walk away with everything or that your spouse doesn’t deserve a fair share of your assets. Keeping that line of thinking can assist you in making the right decisions to continue forward in a positive manner.

If collaborating on your own isn’t possible, you could try mediation next

Collaborating can sometimes be done on your own if you and your spouse are on good terms, but if you are not, then you may want to consider mediation instead. Mediation brings in a third-party mediator who can go over legal options with you. Your attorneys can be present, and you can all have a discussion.

If you’ve been having trouble with breakdowns in communication, then mediation could be a good choice. Rather than continuing to try to push through a problem in the same way, a third-party mediator will discuss alternative options or considerations you may not have thought about.

Doing this together may open both of your eyes to different opportunities or options that you hadn’t considered, making it possible for you to choose one that does suit your situation. You and your spouse may find it easier to move forward from your divorce using this option. Best of all, it’s often faster and more affordable than litigating.

If you want to work together, collaborating or trying mediation are both good options. Ending your divorce sooner is better for you financially and emotionally, and working together is the key to doing so in a reasonable timeframe.