When is it time to change your child custody order?

It may have been a couple of years since you first set up your child custody arrangement. At the time, your parenting plan may have worked well around your child’s school schedule and your work. Now, life is looking a bit different and you feel you need it’s time to update your custody order.

Before you make alterations to your arrangement, it’s easiest if you have the permission of your child’s other parent. This can seem like a hassle if the other parent isn’t willing to go along with any changes. Alternatively, the reasons for having the original custody agreement may have drastically changed, allowing you to change a custody order via a judge’s consent.

Here’s what you should know:

Judges consider the well-being of your child

You’ll have to present a case for why you wish to change your parenting plan to a judge. They’ll be the big decider if your agreement will change. Several situations might move a judge to consider altering your custody order. For example:

  • The well-being of your child is at risk of physical or psychological damage because of your co-parent’s abusive behavior.
  • Your child’s parent has a substance abuse problem or has committed a crime.
  • Your child’s other parent isn’t following the original custody order, interfering with your parent-child relationship.
  • Your child may simply want to live with you due to severe personality conflicts with their other parent.
  • There has been a change in your or the other parent’s living situation or work schedule that prompted the agreement alteration.

If you’re seeking to alter your child custody order then you may want to seek experienced legal support to ensure everything is done without issue.