Why does the 7-year itch happen?

You’ve probably heard of the seven-year itch. It basically just means that all relationships are subjected to a bit of a hurdle or a contentious period after a couple has been together for seven years. They start questioning if they still want to be in that relationship. Some couples stay together, and others get divorced.

But why does this happen? Do seven years really have any significance?

It doesn’t have to be 7 years

The name has stuck because it’s catchy, but the reality is that this just refers to the fact that couples move through different stages in their relationship. There’s usually a honeymoon phase that lasts a lot longer than the actual honeymoon, starting when a new couple gets married. Eventually, though, this feeling of euphoria tends to fade, and the couple has to settle into daily life.

At this point, many people start to think about what life looks like and what they want out of it. They’re able to think about the realities of their relationship in a day-to-day sense, rather than just looking at the excitement and romance of just getting married. Couples also often have to deal with things like careers or children at this point, which they might not have had to consider when they were younger, and they had first tied the knot.

What is this mean for you?

So the seven-year itch can be real, but it can also come at very different times. If you and your spouse find yourselves considering a divorce, take the time to look into the legal steps that are required.