How a forensic accountant can help when going through divorce

Your marriage eroded, and, in time, an abundance of mistrust hovered between you and your spouse. You had long suspected that your high-earning spouse failed to disclose every financial detail related to his earnings. As a result, you concede that hidden assets are a strong likelihood.

But how can you prove your theory? How can you uncover these assets that are seemingly out of your reach – hidden by someone so clever and sneaky? A forensic accountant working in tandem with your divorce represents the ally you need. This professional who investigates financial misconduct likely has seen every dirty trick attempted by high earners to hide marital assets, their earnings and investments.

Trained eye and instincts

A forensic accountant has a trained eye and instincts when examining complex financial records and portfolios. He or she can smell fraud nearly a mile away.

Not only does a forensic accountant analyze what the records show, but he or she also can determine what assets have been withheld. With painstaking work, a forensic accountant can spot financial disclosures manipulated to hide assets and the truth.

Underreported income and fake debt

A forensic accountant may uncover unethical practices that may include:

  • Payroll fraud, false reporting of expenses and creation of fictitious employees
  • Underreporting income, which represents a deliberate criminal act
  • Creating fake debt by “repaying” money allegedly owed to family members, friends and colleagues colluding with your spouse
  • Overpayments to creditors, creating a balance that may be cashed out after the divorce
  • The transfer of assets to dummy corporations
  • Purchasing lavish and expensive items with stashed away cash.

Fraud and deceit are at the root of such behavior. With a forensic accountant on your side, you will soon find that your estranged spouse cannot get away with this.

Uncovering the dishonesty

Your spouse may have gone to great lengths to hide marital assets. Little does he or she know that you have a secret weapon: a forensic accountant prepared to uncover all this dishonesty.