Protect your child after your divorce

Your children have probably only known life with you and their other parent living in the same home. Now, you’ve made the decision to divorce, which means that the kids are going to have some major changes ahead.

While everyone is adjusting to the divorce, it’s up to you to ensure that their rights are respected. These are important since they allow the child to thrive in new circumstances.

Right #1: Have family relationships

Just because you divorce their other parent doesn’t mean that the child should have to lose out on family relationships with either side of their family. Encourage them to enjoy people on your side of the family and on your ex’s side so they can continue to build those important bonds.

Right #2: Enjoy their childhood

Your child has a right to be a child. They shouldn’t ever be a messenger between parents. Instead, you and your ex should speak directly. They also shouldn’t be privy to the contentious conversations that occur between their parents, so have those away from them.

Right #3: Express their emotions

Divorce is a challenging experience for children. They need to know that they can come to their parents about how they feel. It might help if you discuss their emotions with them in an age-appropriate way so they know that they’re normal.

Anyone who’s going through a divorce that involves children should ensure that they’re putting the kids first. Taking the time to think about the parenting plan so you can set it up to meet their needs is important. Working with a professional who’s accustomed to helping with parenting plans is beneficial so you can draw from their knowledge. This might lessen your stress as you work toward solutions with your ex.