Can you and your ex continue to operate a business?

Starting a business with your significant other takes considerable work, but once it becomes a successful company, it can support the family. Because your personal life and company are tied together, there’s a chance that the business might become an area of contention if you decide to end the marriage.

There are several options that are possible for the family business. While some people might decide to close or sell the business, others continue to run the company together. There are several things to consider when it comes to this. These pointers may help you to successfully run the company as a team once your marriage is over.

Put everything in writing

Everything related to the business needs to be put in writing. This includes the duties of each person and what areas of the business they will control or over which they will have “the final say” when there are disputes. Financial matters, including what happens with profits and how expenses are handled should be included. 

Leave your social life out of the office

As time moves on, you and your ex will likely have new social lives. Never allow those matters to come into the business. What goes on outside of the office shouldn’t ever impact the company. If either party has problems with jealousy or is unable to move on, that can cause problems in the business.

Establish a conflict resolution plan

Conflict resolution is a major consideration for all business partners. Having a plan established before you need it can help to keep things as calm in the company as possible. 

Regardless of whether you and your ex will continue to run the business together once the marriage ends, you must ensure that everything related to the divorce is written out in a clear and concise manner. This helps to minimize the chance of there being any misunderstandings about who gets which assets and how the business will be handled once the divorce is finalized.