Can you date during a divorce?

Divorce is not nearly as fast as marriage. You can get married in an afternoon, but your divorce is probably going to take months.

What this means is that you may be emotionally done with the relationship before you are technically done with the relationship. You may be interested in dating someone and moving forward, even though you are still legally married.

You certainly can do this. It’s not illegal. A better question, however, is to ask yourself if you should do it. It could create some problems that you need to consider when deciding how you want to proceed.

It can intensify any conflict

Odds are that your spouse is not going to be happy that you’re dating during the divorce. This can make things escalate so that you face more conflict than you would otherwise. Considering that an amicable divorce is often faster, easier and cheaper than a contested divorce, it may be in your best interests to hold off on dating until the case is done

It can be hard on the children

If you’re a parent, divorce is already difficult for the children. While studies have shown that they adjust well to it, it can still be hard. If they see you with a new partner, that may make it even more difficult for them to accept this new reality.

It can create financial issues

Finally, you don’t want to do anything that makes it look like you’re giving assets to your new romantic partner. Your spouse may claim that you’re trying to dissipate those assets to keep from dividing them properly. It’s often much better to have a clear idea of what you really own before involving someone else.

If you’re involved in a complicated divorce situation, it is critical that you understand all of your rights and the steps you should take to protect your legal interests. Sometimes knowing what not to do is as critical as understanding what you should be doing.