Why mediate your divorce?

There is more than one way to resolve your divorce. While litigation was once the standard route, many couples now realize that there are easier ways.

Mediation is nothing new. People have used it for years to settle disputes between individuals, companies or even countries. It can work exceptionally well for a sensitive issue such as divorce.

Divorce requires compromise

Some couples still take each other to court to end their marriage, each believing that a judge will see their point of view while dismissing their spouse’s. When you use litigation to settle your divorce, you might get some of the things you want, but your spouse will get some of the things they want too. In other words, you will need to settle for a compromise.

When you use mediation, you set out seeking a compromise, and when you find it, you put it in writing and ask a judge to sign it off. By accepting that you will each need to give ground to the other from the start, you save the expensive, time-consuming bit in the middle.

Litigation does not only consume your time and money. It also consumes your energy and any remaining positive feelings or goodwill that you have toward each other. In many cases, you will still need to see the other person from time to time. It may be as co-parents, work colleagues or at the birthday party of a mutual friend. Keeping things civil will make it easier for yourself and others.

Mediation does not guarantee you will walk out of the divorce as friends, but it reduces the chance you will end up as enemies. Finding out more about it can help you decide if it is the right option for you.