How do you determine what is in the best interests of your kids?

Parents frequently disagree about what custody solutions are fair in a divorce. They may need the help of a mediator or even a family law judge to create a working parenting plan. 

These professionals will try to apply state law as they guide the family towards splitting up parental responsibilities and parenting time. The most important consideration when deciding who plays what role in the lives of the children will be in the best interest of those children in Connecticut custody cases. 

Keeping those as your priority can make the whole divorce process a little bit easier. How do you determine what is actually in the best interests of your children?

Children have very specific needs

The courts and psychological professionals recognize that most children share a set of overlapping needs. For example, children require consistency and routine to understand what the world expects of them and what they can expect from the world. 

They need to develop a strong attachment to their primary caregiver and the other parent in the family. They need people that they can trust when they have strong emotions and a safe place to call home. Many times, shared custody is in the best interests of the children because it upholds both parental relationships. 

Still, scenarios involving abuse or neglect can force one parent to seek sole custody. Whenever you try to deviate from standard expectations, you will want to show that your request or goals are in the best interests of the children. Knowing how the courts define that standard will make it easier for you to strategize for upcoming custody proceedings.