Digital legal services for complex financial disputes in divorce

Since 2019 ended, the world we live in has changed significantly, and social distancing has become the norm. Unfortunately, family law issues wait for no one, which means you may need experienced legal services when you would prefer to remain at home.

We have always embraced technology in our practice, and many other law firms do as well. Our attorneys believe digital service is vital to the busy professionals who live and work in our community. We also think that using digital communication is increasingly effective and important in the modern world.

You may think that you can only address simple matters in a digital environment. In many cases, you can also address complex financial disputes through digital means.

Examples of digital legal services

When you’re facing a divorce, digital legal services can be the most-effective method of communication because you get:

  • Almost immediate access to a lawyer over the phone or online
  • A secure online portal for digital file-sharing
  • Electronic access to everything in your file
  • Extensive digital meetings with your lawyer
  • Swift response to email, text and phone messages

Digital access allows you to examine your file anytime and determine which of your financial concerns require immediate attention. We have found that people appreciate this access. It provides an opportunity to look at your case without the distractions that can arise in an office environment.

Whether you prefer face-to-face consultations, digital access or a combination of both, it is good to know so many options exist. Please, keep reading our blog or reviewing our website for details about the specific services we offer to those embroiled in complex divorces.